Fabrics - technical nonwovens

Photo: Jonasson Oy

Our Fabrics collection provides you with high quality fabrics for multiple purposes, for example automotive upholstering. Intermedius Fabrics concept includes ideal materials for upholstering as well as sport and recreational wear.

Our laminated upholstering materials are durable, classic, easy to use and suitable for multiple purposes. Can be treated with antistatic and flame retardant finishes. Typically used in vehicles, boats and interior decoration.

We make polyester felt from recycled fibres with a needle-punch technique. Felt is used for e.g. interior panels in cars. We also supply  hook and loop fasteners for different bonding applications.    

We offer a wide range of different Coolmax and mesh materials for sports and recreational wear. Materials can be treated with anti-bacterial and/or water and dirt repellent finishes. Ideal for  e.g. orienteering clothing, sports fan sweaters, working clothes, safety vests.